After the Oscars - Ellen Tidbits


hey hey! oh that **ellen degeneres** doesn't miss a beat - she's back this week taping her show and guess who stopped by...yes it's john travolta promoting his new flick wild hogs which actually premiered on hollywood blvd tonight at the el capitan theater (finally the blvd was unblocked this morning after all the oscar street closures and then a few hours later one side was shut down again for the film premiere - not good traffic times!) i have mixed feelings on mr. travolta (his ellen appearance airs tomorrow - wednesday the 28th) i could take him or leave him but i'll say that film looks oh so terrible - totally not my kind of movie!

below the travolta pics are four 'behind the scenes' clips (many thanks to gary green) surrounding ms. degeneres playing host at the oscars the other night! i'm totally done thinking or talking about the awards - i know i won't be able to escape from at least a little small talk on the subject... my main point will be 'i'm drained on the topic - let's move on' gosh - i can't even imagine how ellen must feel! popbytes over & out for tonight - hip hip hooray for hump day tomorrow - xxoo!

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