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Quick 'American Idol' Recap from British Night ...

By bumpshack

I was a bit distracted trying to watch this week’s episode of American Idol. From what I was able to see I was most impressed by Sanjaya, Haley, Chris **and **Melinda. The bottom three vote getters this week will be Phil Stacey, Gina Glocksen and Sanjaya Malakar.


Melinda Doolittle- A - DooDoo continued to shine as she sang ‘Home’. She is my personal favorite.

LaKisha Jones- C - Everyone wishes they could sing like this girl but tonight was not that impressive to me. Simon was right on with his commentary. It doesn’t matter she will be back next week and is the favorite to win it all.

Stephanie Edwards- B- - She is always overshadowed. I don’t remember much about her performance. She needs some hair.

Haley Scarnato- A- - As Simon said not many people will be talking about her singing today and that is true. I have no clue what she sang because she was teasing the audience with that sexy figure of hers. She has dumped her good girl ‘Disney’ image.

Gina Glocksen- F - Simply the worst female performance of the night. The only thing worse than her singing was her new hairdo. It looked like my sisters Barbie doll after she chopped her hair off with scissors then dipped Barbie’s head in her Kool-Aid. She could also better enunciate her words if she would remove her tongue ring before performing.

Jordin Sparks- A+ - They need to check her birth certificate. She is in the Doolittle, Lakisha category and is going to stay there.

Blake Lewis- C - The cockiest contestant for sure. He was better than last week, but his singing leaves a lot to be desired. More likely to be a music producer.

Chris Richardson- A- - He continues to be the male favorite in my opinion. He seems to get better each week.

Sanjaya Malakar- B+ - WOW! Sanjaya came out loose and sang like a rock star. His performance blew the judges away…as far as where did that come from factor. I believe he will be back.

Phil Stacey- F - Appeared to be very flat and is the most boring contestant remaining.

Chris Sligh- B- - Nice rebound after a sucky singing performance last week. He went in the crowd and seemed a bit inspired.

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