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Today's New York Post has a Spring handbag feature which has some pretty decent picks, the most expensive topping out at under $600 (OK, they do have the $695 Sao Paolo from Kate Spade featured here in February though in bright orange, but it's 1/20)...with bags soaring past the $1000 mark, it is well worth checking out.

One of the more interesting, stylewise, is this Botkier Lola.

The harnesslike outer piece (and tell me I'm not the only one who it reminds of a thong and chaps) is a bit S&M-y, but not in the same way as Luella's's a bit subtler...the robin's egg blue definitely takes some of the raunchyness away. It's from Botkier.

My favorite, and they always have a bag to please, is from Kooba.

The Elisha actually looks like a summer dress interpreted as a bag. It's all soft and flowy. ..and more importantly, this season, simple. There is almost no hardware, but the bit there is is still more interesting and not an afterthought. Searle carries this style for $535.

Lastly (you can go to the New York Post to see the others), here's a bag I hadn't seen yet from Club Monaco ...a store I really ought to pop into more often.

Known for stylish quality at a great price, Club Monaco rarely disappoints, and the Hanna Bowler is no exception. Not exactly a bowling bag, it's a bit wider, and the zip compartment on the bottom brings old fashioned train cases to mind. A bit of a cumbersome feature, it does add a bit of intrigue. At $199, this could be a winner.

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