Out of the Dark ...

I don't know exactly when the change happened, but recently I found myself looking at my Black Satin-polished nails and thinking, "I am so over this."

Maybe it's the impending spring, but my love affair with dark polish is over. My once precious bottles of Black Satin, Noir Ceramic, Wicked, and Lincoln Park after dark sit alone and unused in the back of my nail drawer.

I know silver polish is supposed to be the hot new thing, but I can't bring myself to do it just yet. I had to get back to my roots.

Before the dawn of Black Satin, my world consisted of two colors of nail polish: sheer pale pink, and red. I usually sported Essie Really Red on my toes and the "Park Avenue manicure" of Essie Ballet Slippers or Mademoiselle on my fingers. I was a nail polish purist.

I reached for the Essie Really Red this week, but my fickle mind felt that it was too orange. So I decided to switch it up ever so slightly, and coated my fingernails in a red wine shade that I fell in love with...at Duane Reade.

Meet **Kennebunkport by OPI**. It's a cool-toned red with a bit of a port wine tinge. And it has saved me from the clutches of the dark polishes of yore.

Now that the Dark Ages are over, check back for more posts on actual colors to wear this spring.

Are you over the black polish thing (if you ever loved it in the first place)? What's your new favorite nail color?

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