Putting It Together - Bohemian ...

I love Bohemian houses. I once visited an amazing one in London where I couldn't stop looking around. Things were dripping from ceilings and door handles and there was so much that nothing seemed to jar, just flow. I think it is one of the easiest looks to put together and it is so forgiving. If something looks as though it doesn't match it somehow seems right because it makes a statement.

I have put together some ideas for creating such a room, of course this is no where near enough to do it properly but it's to give an idea of what sort of items you need to get started, then just buy loads of them in different styles and colours.
Wall Sconce with 2 Pink Feather Fans - from my image file
Ceiling Lamp, Little Velvet Pouches, Red Silk Tassle and Velvet Robe (a must for every Bohemian) from Fortuny
Chaise Lounge and Footstool from Interior Internet
Vintage Wallpaper from Second Hand Rose
Powder Puff Cushions and Frilled Parasol from Sera of London
Bold Flowered Rug from The Rug Company
Remember, if you have any great links to items relating to today's look just put them in the comments below.
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