Disappearing Act ...

I've been feeling a bit jaded lately with all the gimmicky new product launches that seem to be flooding the market. I've been hard pressed to find anything that (1) actually works, and/or (2) fulfills an existing, legitimate need, rather than trying to convince me I have a "new" problem that needs fixing (like telling me my eyelashes need plumping? That was a good one).

So imagine my surprise when I picked up this fun little product from Revlon and found myself immediately promoting it to "must-have" status.

Meet the **Makeup Eraser Pen**.

This slim little pen glides over mistakes, lifting them right off without dripping or ruining the rest of your face. I can be a little clumsy with the mascara wand - and my wet lashes tend to leave marks on my browbones - so this product has been a godsend. It makes quick work of smudges, smears, and little black mascara dots without requiring removal of a whole eye's worth of makeup.

And why is the Pen better than a plain old Q-Tip dipped in eye makeup remover? Let me count the ways:

1. If You're Not Incredibly Precise with the Amount of Remover You Dispense onto the Cottom Swab, the Q-Tip Method Often Results in Drips, More Smears, or Greasy Lids;

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2. Additionally, You Run the Risk of Getting Errant Wisps of Cotton Stuck in Your Lashes or on Your Lids (and when They Migrate into Your Eye, It is NOT FUN);

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3. The Tip of the Pen is Narrower than a Q-Tip for More Precise Application, but Still Rounded, so There's No Risk of, Well, Stabbing Yourself in the Eye;

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4. Finally, You Can't Carry Q-Tips and Makeup Remover with You Everywhere. if You're like Me and Find Yourself Doing Your Makeup in Parking Lots, in Cabs, or on the Subway, You Are Acutely Aware of the Associated Problems. the Pen Has Saved Me from Many a Raccoon Eye Caused by Mascara and Liner Applied Hastily or under Poor Conditions. (Pre-Pen, I Was Always Sure to Carry a Large Pair of Dark Sunglasses to Disguise Any Major Mistakes While En Route to the Nearest Ladies' Room.)

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In summary: the Revlon Makeup Eraser Pen is the **Tide To Go Pen** of makeup. It's portable. It cleans up your mistakes and saves you from potential embarrassment. It's cheap. It's available at any drugstore. And once you have it, you won't be able to live without it.

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