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Don't you just love when you try a new product and everything just clicks, like, where have you been all my life, you glorious little pencil/cream/shadow/gloss?

That's how I felt when I tried **The Light Wand Eye Brightener Powder Pencil** from Mally Beauty (you might know Mally Roncal as Beyonce's makeup artist). I sat there in front of a hotel mirror, amazed at how I had just erased the effects of a very long day with a couple of quick swipes. In fact, I actually looked better than I had that morning, after a full night's sleep.

The Light Wand has a creamy, shimmering pale yellow gold pencil on one end and a corresponding powder (in the cap! with a sponge applicator!) on the other. When your eyes need a little help, you rim the inner corner with the pencil, blend, and then smudge the powder outward, in a "C" shape around your inner corners. The powder also works wonders on brow bones. Together, this dynamic duo brightens and opens up your eyes, making them glow without looking too obvious.

I tried a similar product from another brand but was sorely disappointed in the texture and color of the pencil (it was too pinky-nude and too matte). Mally's is perfect - the pale gold is unbeatable. No wonder Mally Beauty is a finalist for **CEW's Indie Beauty Award** this year. Go Mally!

The Light Wand is available - believe it or not - at ****, or during the Mally Beauty segments on QVC. $25, a small price to pay for the illusion of sleep!

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