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Afternoons of Passions ...

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I have a confession to make. A guilty pleasure, really - but first, a little backstory. Due to my crazy travel schedule, and thanks to my most excellent, flexible employer, I occasionally get the opportunity to work from home. And when I do, I always block out the 2 pm hour for a nice late lunch.

Why? Because - here comes the confession - I've found myself secretly hooked on NBC's Passions. The over-the-top soap hit the airwaves in 1999, the summer between high school and college, when I had plenty of time to immerse myself in the lives of the Cranes, the Lopez-Fitzgeralds, and of course the little boy warlock Timmy. (If you've never seen Passions, it is truly an unmatched television experience. The storylines are by far the craziest of any soap and provide the perfect 60 minute escape from reality!)

For years I had no time for my little indulgence, but now that I'm home on a Friday afternoon once in a blue, I've been getting reacquainted with my old pals Theresa, Ethan, and Fancy. I can't help it! So when I heard this news I just had to share:

"Passion Fragrance partners with the NBC Daytime drama Passions to create the exciting sweepstakes titled Live Your Passion...Be a Star for a Day. Consumers enter to win the Grand Prize: a trip for two to Hollywood and a walk-on role on the Passions TV show. The sweepstakes will run from April 2nd to June 29th with the winner being announced in July. Runner up prizes of posters autographed by Elizabeth Taylor and Passion fragrance will also be awarded."

The reason behind the sweepstakes? Elizabeth Taylor's classic fragrance, Passion, is celebrating its 20th anniversary and is being relaunched with a gorgeous new ad campaign featuring La Liz in all her Cat on a Hot Tin Roof glory. And what better tie-in than a TV show that has more weddings in one week than Liz has had in her lifetime?

**Click here to enter! **Just beware, I am totally going to stuff the ballot box. If I win, do you think they'll let me slap Sheridan Crane on air?

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