You Say You Want a Revolution ...


You Say You Want a Revolution ...
You Say You Want a Revolution ...

...and after this post, you won't just be saying it, you'll be shouting it.

Longtime readers will be familiar with the trials and tribulations of my experiences with hair straighteners. After **burning out my beloved T3 on a business trip to Germany**, I splurged on a **Sedu straightener with European plug and voltage** for my trips abroad, and **replaced the T3** for use at home here in the States. I was a happy girl, with straight, shiny hair wherever I was in the world.

However, I started to get the "itch" when I saw some new straighteners on the market. I decided it was time to retire the T3; it has been passed along to my darling cousin A, who has been cursed with unruly hair.

The replacement? **The Sedu Revolution Nano Tourmaline Hair Styler**.

And I am in loooove.

The plates are incredibly smooth, giving you amazingly straight, shiny hair on the first pass. They sport curved edges that eliminate kinks or dents, and anti-slip ends that prevent hair from slipping out from in between.

Also, when the plates meet, the iron forms a near-perfect cylinder, which makes the Revolution far better suited to creating curls than many others on the market. And it REALLY excels at creating perfectly flipped ends (for those days when I'm feeling like Mary Tyler Moore...or Florence Henderson).

The Revolution has a sleek, low profile design, feels great in your hand, and is pretty lightweight (the only one I've used that seems to weigh less is the original Sedu). I once described the T3 as the Cadillac of irons but, well, this one is the Maserati.

The Revolution retails for nearly $2o0, but you can snap it up for $129.95 at ****, which also offers excellent service and fast shipping! They're my retailer of choice for all appliances hair-related.

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