Look out the Window - It's Crater Lake ...


Look out the Window - It's Crater Lake ...
Look out the Window - It's Crater Lake ...

If you’ve done any flying along the north/south route of the west coast, you’ve probably looked out your window and have seen Crater Lake (from the air, in photo right), and its surrounding National Park.

Crater Lake lies on the edge of the Cascade Mountain range, and the park is part of our National Park System. It is located in Southern Oregon, and the National Park is bout 60 miles from Klamath Falls, and 80 miles from Medford.

The lake is known for its depth (nearly 2,000 feet), and is the deepest lake in the United States. This water is frigidly cold, due in large part to the winter snow run off, and is considered some of the purest water available. The lake has two islands in the center of it, and is surrounded by cliffs, making it quite picturesque in both summer (in photo below) and winter. In fact, the lake is such a intimate part of the Oregon landscape that th State Commemorative Quarter (issued in 2005) features an image of it on one side.

Hiking, camping, and typical outdoor recreation is all available, varying with the weather and time of year.

While the park is open 365 days a year, many of the roads are closed in the winter due to snow and inclement weather. There are two visitor centers: Steel Visitor Center, open early April through early November, and Rim Visitor Center, open early June through late September. Check the National Park website for up-to-date info about specific dates and times that they will be open, as it varies depending on weather and conditions.

Admission to the park is $10 per car for a seven day pass. Camping facilities are available, and additional lodging is nearby.

Photo credit: Top photo flickr, bottom photo wikipedia.


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