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Fanny Business ...
Fanny Business ...

Continuing to try and make us believe that if you move it around to the hip, the fanny pack is a feasible trend. 2 more entries from very hot, and extremely hip designers.

From Alice Roi, a version that appears to be more purse than belt.

It's actually a cute bag, I love a kiss lock! But with the added belt, the proportions are odd. The bag to belt ratio is off, and it just looks funny, and over-weighted. I just can't see anyone wearing this...well, not anyone who doesn't work as a carhop at a drive in restaurant, maybe...but at $250...that's a lotta tips!

The streamlined style from 3.1 Phillip Lim works better for me.

It's pretty slim, and actually a bit more belt than bag so it doesn't add bulk, but still gives you a hands free spot to keep a couple of key necessities. It's more of a belt wallet, really, but the lack of hardware, and the simple piping detail do make it seem like a very sleek, modern idea.

Now, don't let my lukewarm like of the Lim one fool you, I'm still not converted, far from it, but in full body shots of both bags, you can see what I think is really wrong, and what makes it work.

The Alice Roi, is big and sharply contrasts with the outfit. Where a black satchel or shoulder bag would be OK, this style of accessory has to be treated like a belt as much as a purse, and has to work with what you wear, or it's a double fashion don't in my book. In a paler shade, or even a softer tone it would work so much better. The 3.1 Phillip Lim, on the other hand, in white, set against a monochromatic white on white outfit blends in seamlessly...dare I say it, it's even almost fetching. The size of the bag also prevents it from sticking out past your body and packing on even the tiniest bit of bulk, which is another major concern for real women with anything worn around the waist or hips.

Funny, both tops are loose, worn with short, higher waisted skirts...I bet the 3.1 Phillip Lim bag would work pretty decently with the Alice Roi outfit too.

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