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Give Me a Break - Me and the Rabbits ...

By Di

I have never pretended to be an animal lover. I don't trust anything that doesn't speak to me. Since Spring Time this area of Northumberland seems to be over run with rabbits. Here's the reasons why we just aren't getting along.

A family of rabbits that live at the bottom of a neighbours garden spend all their waking hours in my garden. They help themselves to my herbs, except the Sage which grows like fury and I only need one leaf in a pot full of lamb.They dash under my workshop whenever I go into the garden then make those stupid thumping noises and sound like they are coming through the floor.I hate to be surprised so when I walk out the door to go to my workshop and one runs in front of me I scream.Yesterday one paid a visit to my workshop, yes it actually entered. I like to leave the door open so the paint dries quicker. It obviously didn't like what it saw as it crapped all over the doormat.

Years ago when Watership Down the movie was doing the rounds a local butcher had rabbits hanging in his window with a sign saying - You've seen the movie, you've heard the songs now eat the cast. I understand his sense of humour after all it was in a town that is famous for hanging a French monkey because they thought it was a spy as it didn't speak English.

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