Criss Angel Encased in a Concrete Block and Lifted 40 Feet above Ground ...

Criss Angel will attempt a death-defying demonstration in New York City’s Times Square beginning the morning of Monday, June 4. Encased in a concrete block and lifted 40 feet above ground, Criss must escape before it crashes to the ground 24 hours later.

Criss Angel will be placed in a 4’x4’x4’ glass box with steel bars that will be hoisted into the air and slowly filled with cement by spectators in full view at all times. Criss will be able to interact with the crowd with full audio and video during the event. The cement block demonstration will be filmed for a future episode of CRISS ANGEL MINDFREAK and stream live during a 24-hour webcast HEREon this page.

The webcast, in addition to a constant view of the cement block, will also feature a number of additional Criss Angel video clips. From the live event there will be views of Criss inside the block, and a roving camera capturing the action on site. The webcast will also feature highlights from Criss Angel Mindfreak Seasons 1 and 2, a sneak peek at the Levitation Special from Season 3, a first look at Season 3, and good luck messages to Criss from some of his celebrity friends.

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