Oh That Hollywood Wax Museum...

hey everybody! oh what a day it has been here on popbytes - my post the other day on those brazilian yogurt ads did very well - i even got linked off an article over on people.com which helped provide some extra traffic! anyways this afternoon i walked over to the hollywood wax museum along with a few pals from work for a fun break - i've passed by the museum a gazillion times but never went in...until today! (this month i'm celebrating my sixth year living here in los angeles - oh my word time does fly!) all houses o' wax are always on the creepy side - this one was no exception! founded in 1965 by spoony singh (he passed away last year) it was the first wax place dedicated to celebrities - the quality of the figures isn't the best (this was no madame tussauds) but i have to admit it was better than i thought and proved to be a fun & kooky time! below are a bunch of pictures including one of yours truly! (that's jude law w/ angelina jolie) right now i'm enjoying my friday evening - along with loving the thought of sleeping semi-late tomorrow! popbytes over & out for tonight - much love to all as always...xxoo!

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