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Paula Cole Returns with courage ...

By popbytes

good morning! a few weeks ago i asked myself out loud - where has **paula cole** been?!? you probably remember her hit songs 'where have all the cowboys gone?' and 'i don't want to wait' (featured on dawson's creek) she even won a grammy for best new artist back in 1997 (sometimes more of a curse than a blessing) plus she was nominated for 'producer of the year' for her album this fire - ms. cole was the second woman to be up for that award! after 1999's release of amen she dropped off the music scene - much to my dismay! i had been a huge fan of paula since her debut 1994 album harbinger and luckily i caught her playing live at the beacon in NYC probably in '98 and she put on an excellent show!

much to my surprise i opened up a small envelope last week which contained ms. cole's brand new album entitled **courage** - i almost passed out with excitement! she's back after a seven year hiatus with a softer sound (now she's also a single mom raising her daughter sky) gosh i simply love her voice - she could sing anything and i'd dig it! below are two tracks off her new album plus a small bit of video where paula talks about her latest venture! popbytes over & out for now...xxoo!

» listen to paula cole's **comin' down** and **el greco**

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