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Jen Meets Shiloh at a Secret Lunch

By popbytes

well that's what this week's **STAR** magazine is claiming - they did take a break last week from harping on jennifer aniston, brad pitt, and angelina jolie but now they're right back at it! i haven't heard about any secret lunch - sounds fishy to me - i do wish i had some of the details of the story but right now we've just got the cover - at least the magazine picked a flattering image of ms. aniston! i'm really over the drama of her break-up with brad who then shacked up with ms. jolie - but it seems people are still super interested in rehashing this story until no end! gosh what's next - jen's plan to kidnap shiloh?!? if i were running a magazine and wanted to sell covers - i'd totally feature the three of them every week! somebody asked me the other day what i'd recommend as a topic to start a popular blog on...i said two words - angelina jolie! i can't think of anyone else who is debated with such fervor & strong feelings - she's great for traffic!

in other stories we've got a pregnant nicole richie - who is supposedly having a boy and a shotgun wedding with joel madden (i wonder what hilary duff (an ex-girlfriend of mr. madden) thinks about all of this?!?) i must say that contrary to what everyone thinks national enquirer does break stories - they were the very first on the scene with the baby news! i posted about ms. richie's pregnancy almost six weeks ago - everybody called the tabloid crazy - but they were so right!

we've also got the inside scoop on cameron diaz and magicman criss angel - he's got way too much drama going on now - besides magicians are always a drop on the creepy side! plus now we find out he has a 'secret' wife - i doubt ms. diaz will be hanging around him for very long! the last item featured is 'summer weight winners & losers' - with jessica simpson being labeled a 'winner' (she does look a lot better these days) and kelly clarkson gets the 'loser label' - i think she looks great - when she was skinny she looked off to me - i think she's at a perfect weight for her body type - not everybody can be super skinny! she looks healthy and i love her new album - i stand by her 100%! popbytes over & out for tonight - thank heavens i have off from the day job tomorrow!

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