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I'm Lovin' This Whole Spice Girls Reunion Thing

By popbytes

hey hey! there has been talk of a **spice girls** reunion for years (literally) and today finally the official word was released - they're teaming back up for a global tour (along with a lot of money...10 million pounds each!) thankfully they'll be stopping by los angeles first on december 7th - i will be there with bells on! (i'm thrilled all five girls are in on this...without one spice we'd be missing an important ingredient) if you want to make sure you have a chance to see them (the gals are only doing 11 shows) you have to register on their website - then they'll be picking names randomly allowing the 'winners' to purchase tickets (oh my gosh there better be plenty of 'em!)

it seems like just yesterday (oh i loved the '90s - who didn't?!?) when they broke onto the music scene with their smash (cheesy) hit wannabe (the video is posted below along w/ who do you think you are) ever since then they've been a total guilty pleasure of mine! along with a lot of other people - everyone keeps telling me how damn excited they are - closet fans of the **spice girls** are coming out left & right!

my favorite has always been sporty spice aka melanie c (who for sure has the best solo career out of the bunch) but recently i can't get enough of posh spice aka victoria beckham who said my main reason for doing this is for my kids - so they can see what mummy used to do. i'm going to be the cool one in the family for once! i do have to comment on her chest...sometimes her boobs scare me - they look so solid but damn if i were girl i'd want mine to be just like hers - they're quite stunning (plus they're probably bulletproof!) this news has kept me in a good mood all day long (and tonight i got to see my pal danielle (along with hubby josh and adorable baby anya) from who is in town for a few days) popbytes over & out for tonight...xxoo!

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