Sarah Jessica Parker Gets Her Elle on


Sarah Jessica Parker Gets Her Elle on
Sarah Jessica Parker Gets Her Elle on

good evening! oh i love my sarah jessica parker who is gracing the cover of the latest issue (aug '07) of **elle** magazine - of course i loved sex and the city just like everyone else but i'm not overly thrilled at the thought of the upcoming film version! the series had a fantastic ending - i don't want that to be marred (why ruin a good thing?) gosh by the time the movie hits theaters the show will have been off air for a number of years - the film 'reunion' seems so after the fact yet thinking on the positive side of things maybe they'll do it right making it a big hit but oh my word the script & storyline needs to perfect! does anyone else out there agree with my thoughts on the movie?!?

last weekend i met up with my pals tabloid whore & distressed jeans at the ontario mills mall - after having a gossip fueled lunch at rainforest cafe we had to stop in steve & barry's to check out ms. parker's new clothing line bitten (all pieces are under twenty bucks) the line isn't that bad - there were a couple of cute summertime pieces but i'll say those chain of stores is fucking lucky to have her line - i thought the rest of the store was way crappy - not my type of place at all! (i think it's probably better for girls?) sarah's face was plastered everywhere - i'm sure they need to blow out bitten to make it profitable (steve & barry must have paid her a shitload of money to carry the line exclusively) anyways below are some choice quotes from ms. parker - along with a few pictures - i've always admired her sense of fashion - yes at times it can be a bit outlandish but she totally works it! popbytes over & out for tonight...xxoo!

on the sex and the city movie: i am hopeful. i believe this time it's going to happen. i really wanted it to happen, and it was a bitter pill to swallow that it didn't. but you have to respect people's decisions. and one of us didn't want to do it at the time, meaning kim [cattrall], for reasons that i didn't ask. it's not for me to talk anybody into anything, ever - creatively, financially, or whatever.

on her weekend activities: hanging out in chinatown - it's what jews do on sundays.

on her son: james wilkie is so conscious now of the time we spend together. i try to be home to tuck him in at least four nights a week, and if i'm not, he's not letting me get away with anything. the other night i was sitting with him on the steps before matthew [broderick] and i went out to the theater, and he looked at me and said, 'mama, this has got to stop. go upstairs and take that dress off.'

on not walking the red carpet with her husband: that's where they get you. suddenly it becomes, 'oh, when are you going to have another baby?' we try not to talk about the relationship. it's not that we're not proud; it's that that's the kiss of death.

on starting her own line of fragrances: i know this about me: i will only do something that i can completely and utterly, for better or worse, take the credit, take the blame for, 100 percent.

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