Pixie Dust Quite Literally ...


Any Food Network addicts in the house?

We're gonna dish a little about Sandra Lee.

She hosts the "cooking" show Semi Homemade, where she shares with the world her love and enthusiasm for grocery store monstrosities like canned frosting, Cool Whip, frozen pre-chopped onions, and precooked mashed potatoes. I could go on ond on about her bizarre concoctions (you MUST look up her recipe for Kwanzaa Cake. It includes CORN NUTS, people), but the matter at hand today is this:

**Pink Linen Dusting Powder**

This gem - a flavored body powder - is from the "Sexy in Seventeen Minutes" section of Sandra's web magazine, and it calls for a combination of red Pixy Stix and powdered sugar.

Pixy Stix! RED PIXY STIX! And she urges you to dust it all over yourself and YOUR SHEETS. I can't think of a worse way to turn an, um, evening in into a sticky mess and ruin your expensive white bed linens. I urge you, as your friendly neighborhood beauty cop, not to do this!

You want a flavored body powder? Skip the candy and pick up **Dust Up Kissable Body Shimmer **from Booty Parlor, purveyor of all things sexy and fabulous. My favorite (especially for the summer) is Cruisin' For a Bronzin', which smells like cinnamon toast and looks all pretty and twinkly, but not, you know, too tarty.

Use the Dust Up and be sexy and tasty without scaring away your guy!

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