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Jon Voight understands that America is under attack. Why don’t you?

Few actors can deliver a menacing glare as convincingly as Jon Voight. The Oscar-winning star of Deliverance and Midnight Cowboy has appeared in over 70 films, but his most recent roll, as a fundamentalist Mormon leader in September Dawn (in theaters May 4), seems to have held particular resonance for the actor. Radar Online caught up with him on his return from a visit to the Walter Reed Army Medical Center with a group of New York City firemen, where he met with soldiers freshly wounded in Iraq. The experience was a powerful one for the 68-year-old, who was eager to discuss the threat of Islamic fundamentalism, critics of the war on terror, and Dick Cheney’s bad rap.

Here are a few of the best excerpts from Radar Online’s interview with him:

RADAR: Was the Iraq war part of the war on terror before we got there?
JON VOIGHT: I’m interested in talking about this, but it’s been so politicized, it’s very disturbing, very dangerous. My view of it is this: they say our president lied to us. Well, he didn’t lie to us, everybody else had the information he had, and they voted for that tactic.

So I imagine you’re a supporter of the Patriot Act?
Yes, I’m a supporter of the Patriot Act. I support protecting us and investigating anyone who indicates they’re going to be dangerous to our country. It’s one of those things; it depends on which side you’re on politically. If we had these things in place we could have anticipated 9/11. We’re not interested in investigating someone who’s doing something appropriate. We don’t have time for that. That’s nonsense. I certainly hope we’re paying close attention to all those people crossing our borders who might be dangerous to us. We know for sure there are cells in the United States that are ready to erupt. We know that Hezbollah is here; we know there are cells from different terrorist organization that are here and operational and that there are others waiting too. So listen, it’s a serious business. It’s wartime, guys. Because we don’t have a continuous attack on our shores, we can get complacent. We’ve got to all be alert now, we’ve got to be a part of it and be supportive of our troops for sure.

Even if you disapprove of the war, it seems pretty clear that simply pulling the troops out might not be the best option.

More than that, the war does not end. When we look around and see the evidence of what is being done and the preparations that are being made to disrupt our country and to destroy it. This growing cancer of fanaticism, it’s like 1938­it’s very, very similar.

To the Third Reich?

Islamic fundamentalism?
Whatever you call it, the things that are being said are very similar. It’s a matter of whether we recognize that or go into a cocoon and make our own little drama. Do you know what I’m saying? We’re debating things instead of recognizing that the real fundamental aspect is that we’re at war with a very vicious, very clever enemy.

The press has been unkind about your relationship with Angelina Jolie over the last few years. One recent item had you flubbing the name of one of her daughters.
What! Flubbed the name?

Do you have any response?
No, listen, I haven’t been in touch with the kids and I would love to be spending time with them, that’s all. I have nothing to say, people want to make news out of everything. It’s just a cruel slap at somebody and it becomes a part of our mythology, we can’t correct it. I don’t want to bring attention to it again. It always hurts me when things are brought back to the fore that are distorted. I send my love to Angie and her family.

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