A Close up and Some Questions Answered ...

Some people asked to see a close up of the Ghost Table I featured yesterday. Well here it is.
In answer to your questions:
It is hand painted but done by treating a piece of lace to make it's solid parts non absorbent then painting through the holes - a nightmare as it has to be done in reverse to pick up the correct pattern.

The Big White Chair caused one person to ask what I was doing in a Parisian cellar. Well my daughter has a friend who wanted to clear his cellar and it was full of the most amazing pieces of furniture and accessories. Who was I to turn him down?

Someone has asked if I can show all the finished photos. Well we are busy photographing pieces each day but we need a variety of locations and when they are done they have to be processed for the website which Harvey is busy writing at the moment.

I have also shown a couple of Niches that are work in progress. They were in terrible state when I found them but hopefully we will be giving them a new lease of life. Both have been brought back to life with Designer's Guild paints. I will show them again when they are finished.

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