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Cher thanks you for visiting Snarky today. Because Cher is a HUGE fan. Cher also like to wear her grandmother’s table runner as a wickedly sexy covering for her mysterious lady parts. Just so you know.

Okay! Sooooo….today:

Michael Jackson might convert to Islam. Do they have a special sect just for moonwalking pedophiles?
Britney Spears did NOT try to commit suicide. She also did not shave her head, bash in a car with an umbrella, or flash her hoo-hah.

Liam Gallagher is up for the Father of the Year award.

• Anna Nicole Smith’s assistant Kimmie talks about her unrequited love. Oh, and Howard K. Stern calls Anna Nicole a "retarded pig whore."

• Did Christina Aguileraaccidentally get on the short bus?

Jennifer Hudson goes to church. Hundreds of her fellow church-goers must say penance for being SO DAMM JEALOUS.

• Mama Lynne Spearsvisits Kevin Federline and the kids. They all take turns throwing darts at an effigy of BritBrit, cry a little, then throw darts again. Good times.

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