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Anne Hathaway Says "It's over" ...

By Jessica

About three months ago, TMZ revealed that Anne Hathaway’s boyfriend Raffaelo Follieri, an Italian property developer, was **arrested **for trying to pass a bad $25,000 check. She has been with him for four years now, and she has seen him through a number of rough patches over the years.

Apparently, Anne has had enough. According to

The Daily Mail reports that Anne made the decision to break up with Raffaello over the weekend, because she was afraid all the negative press **around him would affect her **career.

The New York State Attorney General’s Office is investigating the Follieri Foundation, a charity run by, Raffaello Follieri that helps fund vaccines for impoverished children in the Third World, per the organization’s website.

Follieri was also cited in April for b**ouncing a $215,000 check** to an associate. Criminal charges were dropped after he turned himself in to the NYPD and made arrangements to settle the debt.

He was also ordered to pay $240,000 to a Washington, D.C.-based public relations firm that repped him while he was fighting a lawsuit brought by real-estate magnate Ron Burkle, who accused Follieri of misusing at least $1.3 million of $55 million that was supposed to be put toward a joint property venture.

Looks like the “Get Smart” star has gotten smart, seen the light and decided to finally **dump **her loser boyfriend.

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