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Britney amp Madonna -"Sticky amp Sweet"

By Jessica

For those who are longing to watch a ‘replay’ of the Madonna-**Britney Spears** liplock **at the **2003 MTV Video Music Awards on a setting other than YouTube, here’s good news: the former-**Princess and still-**Queen of Pop will have a reunion.

…**Access Hollywood** has learned the music powerhouses will once again share the stage in Madonna’s upcoming “**Sticky & Sweet**” world **tour ** - though not exactly live.

Despite rumors that Brit would join Madge onstage, Britney will join Madonna on her tour, but only through a taped video performance, Access has confirmed.

“Britney’s doing a video piece this week for Madonna’s new tour,” Brit’s manager, Larry Rudolph, told Access.

- The Insider
What the video will be is still a ‘secret’ **and fans should not hold their breath because there is slim possibility for Britney to appear **live on tour.

The “**Sticky and Sweet**” tour is part of the promotion for Madonna’s successful album **“**Hard Candy”. Tickets are already sold out for her shows at the Izod Arena, the Madison Square Garden and the TD Bank North Garden.

The Material Girl’s first stop will be at East Rutherford, New Jersey on October 4. She’s also set to tour North America and **Europe **on the last quarter of this year.

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