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Jeopardy Time 13 Things That You Won't Believe Are against the Law

By Samantha

I’ve always believed that without rules and laws, the world will be one very messy **and **chaotic **place to live in. That’s why there are **crimes **which are **punishable by law. But what if things which are not supposed to be prohibited **are considered to be **‘crimes’? Check out this list of the top 13 things that you won’t believe **are **against the law somewhere, as compiled by

13. No to Indoor Nudity! Said the folks from Villahemosa, Mexico
Apparently, the people of Villahermosa think that their citizens should not wander around naked in their own homes.

**12. Silly String Ban in ****Los Angeles******
In LA, the sticky colorful strings known as the Silly String have been a ‘nuisance’ for street cleaners and police officers evertytime Halloween is celebrated. That’s why it is considered to be “illegal to possess, use, sell or distribute the Silly String in public areas”.

Anyway, the ban only takes effect on Halloween, so you can still have fun at birthday parties.

**11. Fishbowls are Prohibited in ****Monza**** ****Italy******
This one’s really intense: fish have a “distorted view of reality” when they live in a fishbowl -go figure!

**10. No Feeding the Homeless in ****Las Vegas**** **
Hmm, this sign really sounds familiar: “no feeding the -monkeys!” was a sign which I saw at a zoo somewhere. It seems like the same rule can be applied for the homeless in Las Vegas…

**9. No Body Odor while in within the Library in ****Houston******
Somewhere in Houston, there is a stinky smell coming from those who are trying to get in the library because they have the dreaded body odor.

Here are the other toplisters of the silliest things which are banned by the law:

**8. Ban of the Jolly Roger flag in Stafford Borough, ****England******
**7. Ice Cream Truck Music is Prohibited in Stafford, ****New Jersey**** **
**6. Chewing Gum forbidden in ****Singapore**** **
**5. No to Cooking (or Boiling) of Lobsters in ****Reggio****, ****Italy**** **
**4. Saggy Pants are Not Allowed in Delcambre, ****Louisiana**** **
**3. Politicians are Banned from Making Excuses in Megion, ****Siberia**** **
**2. Karaoke Ban in ****Lilbum****, ****Georgia**** **
**1. Satan is ‘Wanted’ in ****Inglis****, ****Florida******

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