Frenemies ...


Frenemies ...
Frenemies ...

By Tawaba Coleman

"False friends**** are worse than open enemies."
-Scottish Proverb

There's even a Sex and the City episode entitled **"Frenemies"
Yep, it's true!

A **Frenemy **is someone who originally wants to be your friend and is your friend - in the beginning. BUT some how some way they turn into this fake friend. They for whatever reason become unhappy with their lives. So, they figure out the best, easiest target to take it out on - YOU.

Why? Because your life "seems" better than theirs. They essentially are now jealous. They can be jealous for different reasons. Maybe because of your boyfriend, your cuter, or your job is better. So, they start to change a little. Not knowing that everyone has their own set of problems to deal with. BUT they don't see things that way, because they are unhappy. They start HATING'!
At first it's subtle, you may not even notice it.**

THEN - They may start to be a little too extra flirty with your man or start to down your outfit when you ask their opinion. Okay? Not noticeable. BUT then the hating grows where they might try to mess with your man on the low or start suggesting outfits for you that are NOT CUTE AT ALL.

Anyway, how do you go from being friends to now enemies? YEP! She's your frenemy!

We all have had them before. Or you may be in the presence of one right now! Aaah! They are worse than an actually enemy, because they are IN. In your circle of friends. They may even know your inner most deep secrets. SO be careful!

Evaluate your friends sometimes. You may even need to cut them off - completely!

Ask yourself are they making me a better me and being my blessing OR are they HATING?!

After all - you are who you hang with….and I REFUSE to be a hater!
Watch it people!**

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your write up really hit the spot and defined a frenemy perfectly,would love to view your my space rock girl

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