Fight with Me Sen. John McCain ...


Fight with Me Sen. John McCain ...
Fight with Me Sen. John McCain ...

**By Johanna Peralta **

"Fight with me. Fight with me. Fight with me. Fight for what's right for our country," Senator John McCain, National Republican Convention.

Cruising through the channels, waiting for my husband to get home. I happen to stumble upon the National Republican Convention. I thought “wow he picked a woman; I wonder how much he thinks this is going to help him. Would it have the same impact as having Daddy Yankee speak with him did?” Than she said “He is a man who wore his country’s uniform for 22 yrs.” So why exactly is it that we fight? I’m not talking about; oh I came home and had an argument with my husband! No.. Is it really because we are having issues with each other? Or just because we have nothing better to do. For example why exactly are we still at war?

At one point president Bush said it was because, and I quote “To disarm Iraq of weapons of mass destruction (WMD), to end Saddam Hussein’s support for terrorism, and to free the Iraqi people”. Except that as of February 2003, the (IAEA) International Atomic Energy Agency. “Found no evidence of nuclear weapon program In Iraq”. Ok, great so we had a good cause, we weren’t just angry, the fact was, is they destroyed one of the biggest most important American symbols, in America. With this symbol they took more than 2900 lives that morning of 9/11/. Still here we are 7 years later, watching the National Republican Convention. Both very strong nominees and some how it feels as if, all the Republican Party wants us to base our votes on, is the fact that Senator John McCain fought in Vietnam. Governor Sarah Palin says in her speech. “There is only one man who has ever really fought for you. In places where winning means survival, and defeat means death, and that man is John McCain.”

”Have we become warmongers?” We keep hearing this same phrase over and over. This sentence has haunted me. First off I hadn’t even been conceived when Vietnam happened. If anything I believe historical events as such are to be remembered, so that we can look back at them and not make the same mistakes again. Not to pick presidents because they were there, and suffered, and have witnesses as to how they were tortured, and let’s be frank, who may even have some psychological issue due to this traumatic event.

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