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Full of Sand ...

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**By Dianna Ranere **

Hello my name is Di and I am "full of sand."

You see, I was bestowed with a body that is shaped like an hourglass, however my hourglass has a little too much sand in the bottom, if you know what I mean? ;)

My ample hips have allowed me to incur the ever so flattering term "birthing hips", um, yeah, and that's a compliment how? Really now, that leads me to ponder what would you say to a tiny woman who is pregnant, "So sorry you don't have birthing hips, it's not going to be easy for you!". Who in the world came up with that?

Anyway, I digress, my body has always been a source of turmoil for me, I always wanted to be "skinny" and "slim" never realizing that my body just wasn't made to fit that label. Yeah, I could starve myself and achieve that elusive number on the scale, but I couldn't achieve the physical aspect because my body (and bones) just wouldn’t go there. I honestly have "big bones", at my thinnest, I still had large shoulders, an ample bust line and big hips, my only saving grace is that I had a small waist to kind of balance everything I didn't like out.

My whole point is that there finally came a time in my life that I just simply accepted my body for what it was, an hourglass full of sand in the bottom. Don't try and change yourself based on unreachable goals, get healthy and love the body you were given no matter what!

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