Hermes Birkin


Hermes Birkin
Hermes Birkin

Look what the Hermes stork (actually, the Hermes stork is a pony named "Hermie") brought me this week, a birkin in Chocolate Lizard! Now you know I love all my birkins equally and try not to favor any of them but let me just tell you, it is hard not to favor this scrumptious darling! Hermes Lizard skin is smooth as silk and it has a gorgeous glossy sheen unlike any other exotic skin. I even think the Chocolate Lizard is prettier than the Chocolate Crocodile, it is that exquisite and elegant! I feel like I have been neglecting my birkins lately with so many other bags I have to carry but nothing beats the feeling of putting one of my yummy birkins on my arm. I am so excited about my excitement over my new birkin, it's really amazing how each birkin makes me feel like it's my first birkin. That, my friends, is the power of Hermes.

Hermie the Hermes pony wanted me to tell you that he's also got a gorgeous 50cm travel birkin in Olive with chartreuse straps. (which would make a fantastic manbag!) And yes, the photo below was taken at the Hermes boutique, who else but the Bag Snob would be allowed to take photos at Hermes? Call Craig at Hermes only if you are a serious buyer of this fab 50cm travel birkin! 214-528-0197. He will not take calls about the waitlist for birkins (which is officially closed for now), you will have to go in person to speak to him about that :)

More photos of celebs and their birkins after the jump!

Posh has a really great Hermes collection, I have this grey color in a regular birkin, she is carrying the JPG birkin.

I guess there was a fire sale on the hot pink ostrich birkin, I no longer covet this bag. I am now dreaming about the Indigo ostrich.....

I read in WWD that Hermes has bought many of it's leather suppliers to ensure the supply of top notch leather. Vertical integration has become common practice with high end designers in an attempt to fend off counterfeiters. I just hope that also means they can control prices as well since they are not competing with other manufacturers for the skin. Regardless of price though, Hermes is a great investment, what other bag can boast a re-sale value of double the retail price? Even Hermes bags from the '60s command current retail prices and you know it didn't cost that much back then! These bags are heirlooms in the truest sense. How can you blame me for my obsession?


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