Reusable Shopper: Hermes Silky Pop Handbag

June 27, 2007

Reusable Shopper: Hermes Silky Pop Handbag
We have an update on the Hermes Silky Pop Totes I mentioned a while back… the bags are finally available at Hermes boutiques all over the world and at!

The newbie is made of hand-wrought silk that’s decorated with a beautiful Hermes signature print. When not in use it easily folds up and collapses into a wallet-size calfskin pouch. To be honest when I first heard about this new addition to the House I wasn’t that excited. I guess I pictured some plain canvas shopper tote. But after seeing the gorgeous elaborate prints (much like the scarves) I was left in awe.

A spokesman for the designer house of Hermes said that the “Silky Pop Hermes bag is an upscale option to the extra fold-up shopping bag that many European women already carry in their purses.” And that this is the ideal tote if “Say you’re out walking. You decide to pick up a few apples, you pull out your bag. (But she quickly added) Though obviously, Hermes clients usually aren’t shopping for their own groceries.”

Discover the Hermes Silky Pop Handbag
Price: $943

via: trendencias

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