Louis Vuitton Denim Bum Bag

Louis Vuitton is probably the “IT” prestige label of recent years, with the price tags to prove it. However, you can add as many dollar signs as you would like, print monograms with the most expensive process invented in Italy, you cannot change the fact that THIS Louis Vuitton Denim Bum Bag here is a fanny pack. Denim, while it can be woven and rinsed with all sorts of finishes, will always look casual, not luxurious. “Bum Bag”, “Hip Satchel” “Booty Pouch”, you can call it what you want, but some Mid-Western tourist out there, will still find an instant connection with it.

Available at Louis Vuitton.com *(Find it under USA, then Catalog, then Womens, then Clutches and Pouches)

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