The Latest Bottega Veneta Available for Pre-order at Saks

The latest from Bottega Veneta is available to pre-order, now on Saks Fifth Avenue website. Besides the new colors of the classic woven leather hobos, I think this large Interecciato tote is my new favorite from BV. It reminds me of Burberry and Ann Taylor woven straw totes I've seen, but that US$2,380 price tag is for italian leather, no doubt. There are two things I'm especially fond of. 1) The shape. With inward slanting corners, BV solved the potential injuries you may cause to others by poking them with your gigantic tote, or the damage you may cause to yourself when your giant bag gets caught in the teeth of a closing door. (Okay, so maybe those things only happen to me?) 2) The adjustable straps. The straps are unfussy and add just a little bit of detail to the upper area. Long straps let you easily adjust to carrying the tote over your shoulder, and short straps will protect this BV from dragging on the floor if you choose to dangle it from one hand.

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