Jessica Kagan Cushman's Famous Scrimshaw Bracelets Now Available through Anthropologie

These Jessica Kagan Cushman scrimshraw bracelets caused such a huge drama a few months ago... (Oh, here's the ninety second recap: JKC was copied by Chanel, she retaliated in a fantastic way, but then Chanel was in turn copied by Forever 21.) Well, the JKC bracelets have proven that they're interesting beyond the initial attention surge due to the Chanel copy, so they've become available at one of my favorite stores - Anthropologie! These're the cheaper version (resin) rather than the mammoth tusk version (which cost upward of US$400), making these available for US$128 each. Anthropologie does a bad job of showing which quotes are available though, so I'm going to have to go to the store and check it out in person myself... all in the name of good reporting, of course.

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