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The Best Women Accessory

By Jai

My number one obsession is my hair. I’m constantly obsessing over it because it’s the best accessory any women can have. Short, long, curly or straight your hair compliments you and shows off your unique style. You could be wearing the best outfit and the killer heels but if your hair isn’t cooperating and you're having a bad hair day, then honey I’m sorry but your outfit is not complete. I could be in sweats and sneakers but as long as my hair looks good that’s all I care about. The trick to great hair is to find out what works for you. What works for someone with curls may not work with someone who has straight hair. You may have to experiment with different brands be it high end or drugstore to see what’s the perfect combination for you. My mother is a hairdresser so I definitely get my obsession from her! I have curls but I use different hair products when it’s curly and different products when it’s straight.

You also have to be conscious of your hair cut. For example, a blunt hair cut is a huge don’t for someone like me with curly hair. That would send my hair into frizz hell! Unless you are planning to keep your hair straight all the time (something I’ve done for the right haircut) then something like that wouldn’t be for you. My tips for great hair are

• Find yourself a great hairdresser who understands your hair.
• Experiment with products that work for you.
A great haircut makes all the difference!

What hair products do you live by? I would love to hear any tips you may have to add to how you keep your hair gorgeous!

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