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Get "Lucky in Bed" with This Necklace

By Kristen

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You're probably familiar with the tradition of finishing a fortune cookie message with "... in bed." If you haven't done this, you should, because instead of some boring old fortune you get something like, "You are talented in many ways ... in bed." Way more fun, to be sure.

Jewelry designer Jess LC created a "Lucky In Bed" necklace just for those of us whose minds go straight dessert to the gutter. Well, at least for those of us with minds like that who still want cute, quirky, beautiful accessories to finish off our outfits.

The "Lucky in Bed" necklace combines the lucky Chinese color red with the longstanding tradition of adding "in bed" to the end of any fortune cookie message. They come in gold or silver and come in a small takeout box with a fortune cookie message, and I think you can guess how it ends ...

Either way, it's a great conversation piece, and would make a fantastic gift this Valentine's Day (or anytime, for that matter). When can we not use a good chuckle?

"Lucky in Bed" necklace, $36, available for purchase online here.

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