With These Rings... We do


With These Rings... We do
With These Rings... We do

Last weekend we made a special trip down to my parents' neck of the woods to eat dinner with them and make payments on our wedding bands!

When we originally discussed wedding bands we decided that we wanted them to be a matching set. After a marathon "browsing" trip at several jewelry stores, we finally found exactly what we were looking for at Helzberg Diamonds. And as it turned out, we didn't get a matching set though we got bands that (closely enough) complement each other with their individual designs.

[top picture is courtesy of Helzberg, bottom was a random Google image search]

The top one is my band and it's actually a right-hand ring. My engagement ring is a completely original design (by us!) and so it was very difficult finding something that worked well with it. But we found the shape of the band to completely match the shape of my engagement ring. I'll wear my engagement ring on my right hand and my wedding band on my left - European style!

His ring is actually not the ring pictured but I couldn't find a picture of it exactly and the one pictured is close enough. It's two-toned and engraved with diamond-style cutting/engraving (see how it's shiny in some places? diamond cutting!) and the designs are likened to the filigree in my engagement ring/wedding band.

All together our rings were a little over $700 - his was actually six times the cost of mine!!! And mine was so "cheap" because it wasn't a wedding band. You know how it works with adding "wedding" to anything and the price gets hiked? Yeah! Be open-minded and consider right hand rings. *wink*

BTW - if I could offer a tip? Try on bands with your futureHusband!!! The styles you like in pictures might be far from what you like on your hands. Trust me - we completely were surprised by what we ended up getting but it turned out to be exactly the look that we were going for initially.

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