CHANEL - Paris Biarritz


CHANEL - Paris Biarritz
CHANEL - Paris Biarritz

Chanel Paris Biarritz in limited edition matte black and gray crocodile
Chanel loyalists start skimming your grocery money because you are going to want to get your hands on one of these limited edition croc bags from Chanel's Paris Biarritz line. The line is inspired by the world-famous holiday resort on the Basque coast of south-west Francewhere Coco Chanel opened her boutique in 1915. The Kaiser designed the line for the Parisian jet set who loves the resort in addition to paying homage to the original jet setting mademoiselle, Coco Chanel. The croc totes are available in three sizes, the small one is too tiny to be of much use and the large is so big my husband and I can use it as a sleeping bag so I suggest the medium size. Prices are in the 5 figures so you'll have to decide what is more important, this year's tuition for your child's private school or this limited edition shot of fabulousness. I am Chinese so I will have to go with education over fashion :)

This is what $45,000 will buy you... you can always sleep in it and write it off as lodging expense when you travel!

I am not as crazy about the Paris Biarritz collection of hobos and shopper totes in coated canvas (available in black, silver or gold with contrasting grosgrain canvas trim). They're expensive and look like camera bags (as my friend's daughter and husband so eloquently put it when she brought one home in gold) I'm not surprised they're sold out though, people will buy just about anything if you stick a Chanel logo on it. As for me, I'll pass thanks. Call Alexis if you disagree with me and want to bring one home. 214-520-1055


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