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Ste-ep Right up It's Bluefly's Bag-o-Rama Giveaway-y

By Designer

You missed it but that was my best carnival booth man. Bluefly has another giveaway going on with a tease of a game, in which we always lose miserably trying to score an IT bag. I know websites can’t give things away based on actual talent or merit, but at least make the game fun. Every time I throw that dart, it just *ploops* to the ground. Jeez, I know I used to do pretty well in the real thing as a child! Ugh, it’s so disheartening that it’s honestly more enjoyable to save for, work for or sell bags to fund the real life Stam I plan to finally get. (Now that’s excitement.) At least I get to choose my colour!

But you know you have to give it a shot. It’s like the lottery, and yet somehow still less fun than throwing your dollars away—oh no that goes to fund necessary state things like road repair. See, the lottery, now that’s a game. Sure it’s depressing sometimes, but it does good in the end. Now if they just made taxes (coming up!) fun like a lottery. There’s an idea!

P.S. Is there a chance the designer bag you win could be fake? Voice in here or at our Know Authentics forum!

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