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By Ebelle5

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Date Added: March 18, 2007

Celebrities and their Mia Bossi Maria Diaper Bag
Trend Alert... baby bags for baby-less celebrities is the new big thing. Not just any baby bag - it's the Mia Bossi Maria Couture Diaper Bag! What's so special about the Mia Bossi diaper bags and why do all the celebrities want one, even before making arrangements to pop one out? Well the Maria Diaper shoulder tote is designed with a polka speckled pattern, trimmed with leather or exotic textured snakeskin and features (what most diaper bags should) a washable changing pad, zip-in and zip-out outside lining, cell phone holder, key chain holder, diaper holder, baby wipe holder and a private zippered pocket for personal belongings. Also the straps are adjustable and detachable, making it a snap to strap around the stroller. Dimensions 11" height x 7" width.

Color availability: exotic blue, exotic brown, exotic gold, exotic pink, cognac, twilight, black bean, tangerine, red pepper, toffee, sable, black cherry, godiva.

Price range: $340 for the basic leather (Italian Ruat leather) and up to $590 for the exclusive polka dot print bag with snakeskin trim.

Where: You can spot this line of baby diaper bags at high-end fashion department store or on their site.

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