Disposable Men

By Chantel Johnson

So a friend and I were talking (no names) and she mentioned something to the effect of how I throw men away like garbage... which naturally made me think of an episode of Sex and The City (is this normal? lol I relate everything to that show) well anyways the episode I thought was the one Carrie ran into her ex Aiden's ex girlfriend (crazy I know) well anyways in that show she'd read an article about her column claiming that she disposes men, like my friend claimed I do. Which further proves that I am the Carrie! but honestly I don't feel like I dispose men although my family now don't even bother to get names now a days. lol....but I will give myself and other women like me credit because its called STANDARDS... and I am kind of delusional when it comes to myself but I AM also aware of the fact that its not always them.... meaning sometimes it's ME.

I don't know if I should be offended or what about this statement because on one hand I'm young and I'm not like all the other girls out looking for love although if it happens, it happens. Basically I'm a girl that likes to have fun... but there's a down side to that because sometimes, and I heard somewhere that its a basic need and that is the need for companionship and I feel like companionship is more special if its with one (or two?) specific individual.....

Also while I'm on the topic of my "player" lifestyle. lol "I'm not a player i just crush a lot" ( no really) I think everybody, at least while they're in their early twenties have time to do all that they are gonna do (but not too much don't get me wrong) so that when the time comes there are NO REGRETS and NO APOLOGIES. And so i try to live like that, I will apologize to no one and not really regret anything just learn from it... And its fun and sometimes its not fun( i get lonely too) but regardless of anything, fun or not, some people I DON'T dispose because ya never know. that's all :)

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