More on Celebs amp Their Weight ...


More on Celebs amp Their Weight ...
More on Celebs amp Their Weight ...

good evening everyone! i'm running a little behind tonight - i saw a screening this evening of that edith piaf biopic la vie en rose which was simply amazing - the actress who played ms. piaf - marion cotillard will get nominated for an oscar - no doubt - she was brilliant! expect a full post about the film before it lands in NYC, LA and SF next friday - june 8th!

anyways we've got one more tabloid cover for this week - another from the UK - below is **heat** which is featuring a 'shock report' on stars' weight changes! gosh after writing about this stuff for quite a while it still amazes me how much thought & fascination goes into celebrities & their weight! who can keep track of it all - one week britney spears loses five pounds and jessica simpson gains eight (at least kate bosworth is on the up swing from scary skinny) oh give me a break - unless these magazines have weighed them how can the be so darn 'exact' - but covers do sell magazines and people love to be on weight watch! maybe zagat's should do an annual 'celebrity weight report' but with all these numbers in constant fluxuation they'd probably need to do a weekly round-up!

i do love the picture they used of cameron diaz who is appearing to be in a reaction shot to her ex justin timberlake's 'snog' (i love brit slang) with his manly girl jessica biel! last but not least - i can't wait for big brother to start up again in july - although i'd love to watch the UK version as well - it seems a lot sassier than the US one! popbytes over & out for tonight...xxoo!

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