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Hottest Pictures of Keira Knightley

By Sheila

Keira Knightley is elegant, stunning, well spoken, downright delightful and has the onscreen presence of a prima donna! **She lights up the screen with her **versatile acting and her innate charm so much so that you cannot help but be taken up by her. And so it is our honor to bring to you the best of Keira! Enjoy!
Keira looks like a glamorous diva in this shot. Elegant and truly exquisite with an air of superiority (do not miss her signature pout) that makes us go oo la la!
Innocence oozes out of this shot. Keira looks beautiful here. It might as well have been a shot of a picturesque mountainside with a charming little river because this picture evokes the exact same emotion….and what is that you ask us….well one of serenity, peace and downright awe!
Knightley is turning on the heat in this one! We are truly left speechless and can you blame us. Latex gloves, red lipstick and that super sexy short bob…..someone call a fire engine quick!!!
We love Keira straight up and we love her upside down. Well not exactly upside down but you get the picture right? We love her long, ****extremely toned legs and those **gladiator shoes **(We bet those made your heart skip a beat too) and any woman who can look sexy in that pose deserves a salute.
Women love bad boys and the men…. you guessed it men love bad girls! We had to pick this shot simply because it is so unlike the others. It is sexy in an offbeat, evil, “I will kick your ass” kind of way. We simply love this side of Keira….so convincing…**so sexy!**

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