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Sarah Palin on the Cover of Playboy? Are You Kidding?

By Mabelle

Since the minute that John McCain announced that **Sarah Palin **will be his running mate for the November presidential elections, the bespectacled governor of Alaska has been the brunt of jokes.

From YouTube videos to SNL skits to – wait a minute, Playboy magazine???

Apparently, Hugh Hefner asked Sarah to** pose for Playboy magazine** if she does not get elected as VP.

Hefner tells OK! magazine:

Palin would make a great centerfold. I don't know what it is, but there's something about a really sexy-looking woman wearing glasses. Imagine what she's like when those glasses come off. It would be a new definition of the word vice in vice president."

Sure, Sarah Palin on the centerfold will make those mags fly off the shelf – but I don't think that the VP candidate will agree. Hmmm – maybe she will say yes if it's in the cover of "Deer & Deer Hunting" magazine!

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