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Jake Gyllenhaal and Reese Witherspoon to Call It Quits?

By Mabelle

Should the paparazzi and celebrity bloggers say goodbye to the nickname Gyllenspoon? Rumor has it that the relationship of Jake Gyllenhaal**** **and **Reese Witherspoon are on the rocks.

The supersweet tandem started in 2007 while they were filming "**Rendition**" and things seem to be going great for the couple.

However, this seems to be a rough patch for the couple. Jake is currently on location filming an adaptation of the video game "**Prince of Persia**" and Reese is apparently afraid that he's not into the relationship anymore.

To all the Gyllenspoon fans out there, let's keep our fingers crossed that this is just that – a rough patch that all the other couples go through.

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