15 Hot Purple Must-Have Accessories for Fall

By Mabelle

From fashion blogs to high fashion magazines and all the way to the runway. For the fall season of 2008, **purple **is the color which **dominated **the fashion industry.

What was once considered to be a frumpy shade is now hot, hot, hot!

So how can you keep up with the trend? If you don't feel like wearing an all-purple ensemble, you can definitely incorporate the color in your set of accessories.

Check out AllWomenStalk's top 15 picks for the hottest purple must-have accessories this fall:

15 Miu Miu Open Back Suede Sandals

Miu Miu Open Back Suede Sandals Adding purple to your shoe collection is as good a place to start as any. This pair of open back suede sandals from Miu Miu is definitely a traffic-stopper. I absolutely love the straps on these babies! And the suede material combined with the rich color creates one delicious purple whole that I just can't get enough of!

14 Prada Shaded Deer Leather Bag


Ohh-la-la! This shaded deer leather bag has a fine layer of paint which creates a glossy finish and distinctive wrinkles for that 'gently worn' look. The black palladium-plated handle and hardware makes this Prada bag a luxurious must-have purple accessory for this fall!

13 "Dior Gracefully" Bracelet


This "Dior Gracefully" bracelet is made of gilded metal, violet jade cabochon and beads, as well as Swarovski crystals. How's that for a statement of fall fashion luxury?

12 Purple Pumps by Louis Vuitton


Feel like a six-feet-tall model in these glamorous pair of purple pumps. I personally love that detail on the part where the heels meet the bodice of the shoes. Also, the design on the front is perfectly trendy and classy.

11 Purple Pumps by Louis Vuitton


The classic closed-pumps is given a twist with that opening on the side of this purple pumps by (designer). Wear this with your skinniest jeans or dressiest skirt to lend that instant trendy touch of purple to your outfit.

10 Belle Geometric Flats by Sigerson Morrison

Belle Geometric Flats by Sigerson Morrison No matter what the season is, ballet flats are a fashion item that every woman must have. You can wear it with skirts, shorts or pants. This particular pair by Sigerson Morrison has an easy-to-wear look. When you combine it with the geometric print and the lovely color – you just can't resist buying them, can you?

9 Tory Burch Reva Patent Ballet Flats

Tory Burch Reva Patent Ballet Flats I absolutely love the fact that the rich hue of this pair of Tory Burch Reva patent ballet flats is dark enough to match with a black, or a bright-colored outfit. These super comfy shoes have an elasticated heel panel and round toes.

8 Miu Miu Jeweled Banana Flats

Miu Miu Jeweled Banana Flats There are many ways to dress up – or dress down this pair of jeweled banana flats by Miu Miu. Wear it to add glamour to your basic white shirt and jeans outfit. You can also use it to add a casual touch to a dressier ensemble.

7 Linda Farrow Luxe Oversized Sunglasses

Linda Farrow Luxe Oversized Sunglasses What better way is there to go all purple-y than with this pair of Linda Farrow luxe oversized sunglasses? Feel like a million-dollar movie star with its gold-plated, 24-karat material and unique titanium arms.

6 Fendi FF Logo Cuff

Fendi FF Logo Cuff There's no reason why you should not have a touch of purple in your ensemble. If you don't have shoes, tops or clothes which are in this color, why not wear this fab Fendi FF logo cuff? The luxurious wrist accessory goes perfectly well to highlight your less-is-more look.

5 See by Chloe, "Let's Party" Patent Clutch

See by Chloe, "Let's Party" Patent Clutch Simple, elegant, trendy – these are the three not-so-little words to describe this patent clutch by Chloe. The plum patent leather clutch has press stud fastening flaps on each side. You can put all your knickknacks in it – there's even an internal coin purse and a patent covered hand mirror! Cute~!

4 Chloe Saskia Small Tote

Chloe Saskia Small Tote The color of this Chloe tote reminds me of deliciously plum raspberries – and the bag is just as delicious! The designers gave a different touch to the classic doctor's handbag look with the exquisite detailing on this Saskia small tote.

3 Chloe Bay Leather Bag

Chloe Bay Leather Bag This Chloe bay leather bag is definitely the arm candy for fall. The practical yet beautiful look of the bag is bound to be a classic that you can use from season to season.

2 Fendi Patent B Bag

Fendi Patent B Bag Purple has never looked as deliciously glossy! Get a load of this Fendi patent B bag – it’s the perfect accessory to give a dressier touch to all your muted-themed outfits.

1 VBH Alligator Compact Clutch

VBH Alligator Compact Clutch This is an African violet alligator suede rectangle compact clutch with a contrast ornate trim. The name may be a mouthful – but the look that you will achieve by carrying this stunningly beautiful clutch is anything but glam! It may be a bit pricey – but the crowd wowing factor will definitely work in your favor.

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