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Hot amp Delectable Pop Nosh Linkage

By popbytes

tuesdays are always so how about a round-up of the top 8 upskirt precious moments?

i'm not into daniel 'harry potter' radcliffe but these pics are so damn hot - i'd totally hit it!

who told teri hatcher putting a glass of wine in her bath was a good idea? she actually does it...

miss usa thought she'd have fun when she got out of rehab...but now she's a trump prisoner!!!

jean-claude van damme screwed kylie minogue in 1994 - he's still talking about it 13 yrs later...

i don't think maggie gyllenhaal & peter saarsgard will be making any more movies together...

mandy moore is set to release her new album (gosh did she really have to make more music?!?)

it looks like brandy could maybe be spending some time in jail - she should say moesha did it!!!

i always knew that howard was the jealous type - he used to interrupt anna & larry all the time

menu suvari showed up at the 'factory girl' premiere looking like a cross between fergie & lily!

jen lopez is on the scientologist defense team - papa lopez has been a hubbard lover for 20 years!

britney spears is still trying to reach justin timberlake - it's called leave a message girlfriend...

jaime pressly looked absolutely stunning at the SAG awards plus her baby's daddy is super fine!

oh lordy - paris is all upset about being exposed & she's taken legal action to stop the exposure

beyonce is pretty thrifty these days - she has to pay for her own videos which equals cheap dancers

i'm surprised that in all of those pics of paris exposed & naughty we didn't see a banana blowjob

penelope cruz continues to hit the award show circuit - this time at spain's goyas - she's so cute

who feels like tossing their camera up in the air? don't worry though it's all in the name of art!

kevin federline his commercial!**what the buck?** cruise & weir are jesus!

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