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Need Something Sweet

By Anne

This is the month you can't refuse sugar, regardless how serious you are about your resolution. Well... in that case, we can't help but show you some of our favorite picks that might be able to fix your sweet tooth.

Dream Team Sampler $38, provide by Elicheesecake.
Praline, Triple Chocolate Truffle and Strawberry, this is the one fits all. You don't have to fight over chocolate or strawberry, everyone is happy.

12 Pc. Assorted Brownies, $39.99 from Davi's cookies.
Does that scream Valentines or what? Perhapses it's time to have a little change this year. Replace your chocolate with well packaged Brownies might not be a bad option?

I am also going to share a super easy pineapple pie recipe I got from my mother-in-law if you feel like make something yourself.
You need a pre-made pie crust
a can(8 oz) of pineapple
a pack of instant vanilla jello(3.4oz)

All you need to do is...
Drain your pineapple really well
Mix your jello with pineapple
Pull it into your pie crust
Put into your refrigerate and you are done.

Whenever you are ready to eat, just cut it and maybe top some with whip cream... yummy...

She made it on this past Christmas and I tried it myself on New Year's eve. Everyone loves it and you can't imagine how easy it is! I wish you like it too!

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