Shake Your Bon-bon ...

Growing up, we had a family friend who had jewelry for every occasion...there was her "black tie affair" jewelry, "going to the theater" jewelry (divided into evening, matinee, Broadway and off)...etc. Had she had a similar designation for her bags, this would definitely be her "belly dancing" bag.

One of the Fall Spy bags from Fendi (one thing about those Fendi sisters...they are loathe to retire a bag style) is adorned with more sequins and paillettes than the entire troupe of dancers at our local Moroccan restaurant!

I'm not sure who the intended audience for such an overdone schmaltzy bag is (were it in shades of pink and purple, maybe the Disney Princess set). I can see a certain group of women, who frequent beach clubs*, play mah-jong* or canasta with "the girls", and wear matching jewelry for any occasion. Except, the women I know who fit that bill are buying the knock-off of this bag from the beauty parlor lady...the $4,890 price tag would make them plotz!

From Neiman Marcus, where they are accepting pre-orders for an expected November ship date.

*if you are a beach club member, mah jong player, or even buy bags from the lady at the beauty parlor (I myself am 2 of the 3...guess which)this was mean in ribbing kindness. The description fits many of my dearly beloved aunts, and women I grew up with.

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