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"Hancock" -Another Messed up Hero Rules the Box Office ...

By Jessica

In the tradition of “**Iron Man**”, Will Smith stars in yet-another-messed-up-**superhero**** blockbuster that is **“Hancock”.

Will Smith's box-office superpowers remain intact. Smith's "**Hancock**" - the story of a boozing, foul-mouthed superhero who dresses like a street bum - led the Fourth of July weekend with a $66 million debut, according to studio estimates Sunday.

That raised the total for Sony's "Hancock" to $107.3 million since it opened Tuesday night to get a jump on the holiday.

-AOL Movies

“Hancock” also stars Charlize Theron and the movie is described as an “edgy, conflicted, sarcastic and misunderstood hero who might get the job done -but seems to leave jaw-dropping damage in their wake”.

Here’s a look at the latest cumulative gross of the weekend’s top box office hits:
**Hancock **- $103.9 M
** WALL-E** - $127.2 M

**Wanted **- $90.2 M

Get Smart - $98.1 M

Kung Fu Panda - $193.2 M

“Hancock” is Will Smith’s fifth movie which opened at the top spot over his lucrative career in **Hollywood. **His other string of fourth-of-July hits includes “I**ndependence Day”, “**Men in Black” and “**Wild Wild West**”.

Despite the fact that the movie did not get a lot of favorable reviews from critics, the figures just goes to show that when a movie **is topbilled by a hot **superstar **like **Will Smith, the box office receipts will continue pouring in.

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