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Christian Dior Designer Christian Dior Limited Edition Saddle Bags

By Ebelle5

eBelle5 the bag blog Date Added: January 16, 2007 Shop for Christian Dior Saddle Bags! Limited Edition Handbag Alert: John Galliano hit the 10 year spot as Chief Creative Director for Fashion House Christian Dior and in celebration the house is set to release a bunch new stunning purses. It all started with the CD Saddle. Back in the beginning (around 1999), the first bag that Galliano created for Christian Dior was the saddle shaped, signature oversized metal D charm dangling Saddle Shoulder bag. That was only 8 years ago. In celebration of Galliano hitting the Big 1 - 0, he traveled all over the world on a global journey gathering inspirational idea's for this new collection. There are 12 versions total of these Limited Edition Saddle Bags - Argentina, China, Egypt, England, France USA, Mexico, Morocco, India, Japan, Russia, and Spain. Below is a glimpse at 5 of the stunning L.E.'s.... Christian Dior Saddle Bag 'Egypt' Christian Dior Saddle Bag 'India' Christian Dior Saddle Bag 'Russia' Christian Dior Saddle Bag 'China' Christian Dior Saddle Bag 'Spain' If you have a nytimes account then click here to be directed to read the article. If you don't have an account and don't have the time to sign up for one but are dying to read the rest of this article plus see more pictures, then click here to view the complete article after the jump! If you want to get your hands on the latest Christian Dior Saddle bags (sorry not the limited editions) click here to go browse the virtual shelves of eluxury. Or if you're the online deal seeker then click here to wander on over to eBay to browse the available Dior Saddles. Chat about this purse post in The Bag Forum

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